Jiggs Landing Fish Camp

Jiggs Landing is operated by TDKS Enterprises LLC  in partnership with Manatee County

Bait And Tackle

In August 1944, Manatee County residents Al “Jiggs” and Agnes Metcalf, purchaded a 7 acre lot along the Braden River. Their dream was to build a  fish camp that they could share with locals and travelers alike. It quickly became one of Manatee County’s most popular and recognizable landmarks for more than 40 years. 

The property was later purchased by Manatee County and designated as a Preserve. The cabins were not able to be remodeled, so the County built new replicas and added some modern facilities. Agnes' favorite colors were pastels, so the cabins and other buildings were painted to represent her tastes. There is a model cabin that has period furnishings to represent what one of the original cabins would have had. 

Since Jiggs Landing is a Preserve, you will see many protected species. There are owls, hawks, vultures, osprey and the occasional eagle. There are many other birds and plenty of alligators. The fishing is excellent, with bass being quit prevalent.  The sunsets can be quite spectacular also. 

Jiggs Landing is a Public facility, so the use of the grounds, boat ramp, kayak launch, playground and restrooms  are open to anyone. There is also a boardwalk with an observation/fishing deck at the end. There is also a floating dock that is accessible for docking your boat, fishing or just observing the wonderful scenery that the Preserve has to offer.